Community effort sees bleed-control kit installed in Seven Kings

Bleed-kit unveiling in Seven Kings

L-r: Danny O’Brien, Cllr Jeyaranjan and Kamran's mother Samina Khalid - Credit: Danny O’Brien

A trauma kit to stem major blood loss was unveiled in Seven Kings by the mayor.

The bleed-control kit, which can help to save people's lives before medical professionals arrive, has been installed next to Carter Estates near Seven Kings station. 

It is dedicated to Kamran Khalid, an 18-year-old who was fatally stabbed in October last year, and was funded using £510 collected over three weeks by former anti-knife crime campaigner Danny O’Brien.

It has been displayed alongside a prayer for Kamran in Arabic.

Former anti-knife crime campaigner Danny O’Brien

Former anti-knife crime campaigner Danny O’Brien - Credit: Danny O’Brien

Danny said: "I feel proud to be able to give something back to the community - hopefully it will never be used but it is there if anyone needs it.” 


Kamran Khalid died in October - Credit: Met Police

It was unveiled by Redbridge mayor, Cllr Thavathuray Jeyaranjan, on July 20.

The bleed-control kit near Seven Kings station

The bleed-control kit near Seven Kings station - Credit: Danny O’Brien

The blood kit is registered with the London Ambulance Service and has instructions on how to operate it in an emergency until paramedics arrive.

Although associated with aiding knife crime victims, these kits are useful for any form of major trauma resulting in blood loss.

Bleed kit in Seven Kings

Cllr Jeyaranjan and other community members at the unveiling - Credit: Danny O’Brien