'We've lost so many': Ex-Redbridge anti-knife crime campaigner needs support for bleed-control kit

Anti-knife crime campaigner Danny O’Brien

Danny O’Brien - Credit: Danny O’Brien

A former anti-knife crime campaigner is seeking support to put a new bleed-control kit in Ilford.

Danny O’Brien, who has worked to eradicate knife crime since 2008, has already raised more than £325, but needs £510 to buy the life-saving equipment. 

He said: “In Seven Kings, Ilford and all surrounding areas, there have been too many incidents already this year - we’ve lost so many people already, and we had six or seven in the borough last year as well.

“I just thought, what can we actually do?”

The kit will be dedicated to Kamran Khalid, an 18-year-old who was fatally stabbed in October last year, and will be placed next to Carter Estates near Seven Kings station. 

It will also be displayed alongside a prayer for Kamran in Arabic.

This comes after rapper Lamar Jackson - stage name Hypo - was killed in Chigwell Road on June 3.

Earlier this year, a 13-year-old boy was stabbed in Gainsborough Avenue on April 8 and a 16-year-old died after being knifed on a Route 173 bus at High Road on March 14

Danny added: “I can’t say they will save everyone’s life, but sometimes these things happen in the night when all the shops are shut, and it's not just knife crime - that’s a common misunderstanding – it’s a car crash, it’s if a lady falls over.

“The time it takes for an ambulance to come can be quite long at times. These blood kits can be used by anybody who is not first-aid trained, because inside the kit is a diagram of how it's used, saying what to cover, what to pack.

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“If I can use it, anyone can use it.”

Danny said he tried to garner official support for his fundraising campaign but claims he received no response, and thus decided to take matters into his own hands by raising the money himself.

“What I’ve done is ask every shopkeeper along the parade where I live to make a donation of £5 - £10. Some have given a little more.

“The response from the local mosque has been absolutely brilliant. I’ve been there the past two Fridays in a row and raised over £100 just by their donations.”

Danny says the money already raised shows there is still a community in the area.

Donate at https://www.gofundme.com/f/blood-control-kits