Hit, kissed and undressed - show at Redbridge Drama Centre where audience do as they please

Actors in

Actors in - Credit: Archant

Do you knowingly fight your impulses every day?

Exposed – a dramatic new theatre piece by the Impulse Collective – will challenge audiences to examine how our impulses are embraced and restrained in our daily lives, in a show where anything could happen.

Describing the inception of the show, on at Redbridge Drama Centre, collective member Matthew Heseltine said: “We’re all quite impulsive people, so we thought why not make a show about the human impulses that affect everyday life?

“There are thousands of impulses we all act on every day. We tried to narrow it down into the interesting ones.”

The collective, completed by fellow performers Jessica Richards, Stuart Reid, Lara Ensor and Joseph Dowsing, are not afraid to push the limits of improvised performance to maximise excitement and engagement with their audience, and make each performance a unique experience.

“There’s one section in the play where the five of us just walk on stage and are standing in front of the audience when the lights come up,” said Matthew.

“Then a voiceover announces that for the next two minutes the audience can do anything they want to us.

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“Then a giant clock appears behind us and starts counting down. Some people just shoot up but sometimes they just sit there. But once one person gets on stage, everyone does.”

Matthew continued: “We’ve been kissed, undressed, hit. Last time I had a pint of beer poured over me. It’s really playful to see because every show is different.”

He said the show has proved to be an education for performers and audiences alike.

Exposed is not the first time the collective has explored the consequences of human impulses.

Its first piece was called Riot and written in response to the disorder in London in 2011.

Similar themes have been found in both pieces.

Matthew said: “It’s interesting. I remember reading this story about a teacher in the riots.

“She’d never committed a crime in her life but in the riots she stole something. She didn’t know why she did it, she’d just done it. She’d followed that impulse.”

A brave piece of experimental theatre, Exposed will play at Redbridge Drama Centre, Churchfields, South Woodford, on Thursday April 18.

For more information and tickets call 020 8708 8803 or visit www.redbridge dramacentre.co.uk.

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