Teens make mistake of playing with Ouija Board in new South Woodford play

A scene from The Weegie Board – A West of Scotland Ghost Story.

A scene from The Weegie Board A West of Scotland Ghost Story. - Credit: Archant

Young actors get in touch with their dark side in a chilling new production, The Weegie Board – A West of Scotland Ghost Story.

SYT Productions, the in-house performance group at Scottish Youth Theatre, is gearing up to perform their latest play about a group of Glaswegian teens at the Redbridge Drama Centre, Churchfields, South Woodford on Wednesday and Thursday.

Playing on the traditional spelling of Ouija, the shows sees a group of youngsters doing what any normal cicle of friends do when a one of them has an empty house – decamp there, so that mischief can be had in the absence of adult supervision.

This modern-day piece follows five mates as they meet for an evening that starts out with them drinking and flirting and ends in some truly terrifying moments.

SYP artistic director, Mary McCluskey, said: “This group of performers have worked with Scottish Youth Theatre on a broad range of projects and productions.

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“Over the past few weeks, they have been rehearsing intensively and are now eager to show their work to a live audience”.

Cast member, Kirsty Pennycook, 19, added: “I’ve been working with SYT Productions for two years and every project that I’ve been part of has been a really unique experience.”

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