Barkingside artists collaborate to mix colours and ideas for special new show

Ivy Panesar and Philipa Day are local artists putting on an exhibition. Photo by Ellie Hoskins

Ivy Panesar and Philipa Day are local artists putting on an exhibition. Photo by Ellie Hoskins - Credit: Archant

Ivy Panesar and Philipa Day are both abstract painters from Barkingside motivated by colour, but with different approaches to their art.

While Ivy, 36, prefers a traditional paintbrush, Philipa, 25, literally gets her hands dirty, using them to mix oil paint and white spirit.

“The feel of the art is very different. Mine’s very soft and atmospheric, hers is quite dramatic and chaotic,” Philipa told the Recorder.

Their work will be on display during May at an exhibition called Counterpoints, held at The Stone Space, Church Lane, Leytonstone.

The paintings on show from May 4 will use contrasting colours to provoke emotional reactions and create what they describe as “magical disharmony”.

Philipa grew up in Gants Hill and has always lived in the area, while Ivy was born in Adelaide, Australia, and came to Redbridge 14 years ago.

However, despite living near to each other and sharing a love of painting, they had not met until The Stone Space suggested they work together.

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Ivy said: “We were introduced to each other by the gallery.

“We both had some work we wanted to put on show there, and as we’re both colour-motivated artists they put us in touch.”

The pair use colour and emotion as an inspiration, preferring to allow the viewer to interpret the painting rather than trying to make an explicit statement.

Working together, they respond to each other, using colour as the link between them and expanding the scope of their work.

“It’s about colour associations. For instance, I wouldn’t put yellow and red together because I’m such a consumer that McDonald’s pops into my head. But we’ve explored colours which we wouldn’t normally be attracted to,” said Ivy.

Philipa, who holds a degree in fine art, has exhibited her paintings across London and in Copenhagen.

Nevertheless, working with Ivy was a new experience for her.

She said: “I’ve never worked this intimately with someone before.

“You have to combine your ideas and processes with someone else’s, but it’s been great so far.”

Looking ahead, Ivy wants to emulate the success of The Stone Space in Barkingside and give local artists a chance to exhibit their work.

She has her eye on an empty shopfront in Fullwell Cross.

She said: “I thought The Stone Space was such an amazing project.

“Barkingside is still an up-and-coming area culturally. We have such talent here and we would love to display local artists.

“Perhaps it could also be a space for artists from local schools to have the experience of publicly exhibiting their work.

“It doesn’t have to be that building, it’s more about the need to have a cultural space in the area and make art more accessible locally.

“Art shouldn’t be something you have to travel for.”

Counterpoints runs at The Stone Space, Church Lane, Leytonstone from May 4-28, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Entrance is free.