During this difficult year many have gone above and beyond to help out in their community, with some of the most generous gestures from children who have endured disruption to their education.

When the second wave of the pandemic hit, siblings Umar Farooq, 12, and Imani, 9, decided they wanted to help within the community to raise money for those in need, so they decided to contact a local food bank to determine what their needs were.

Being big fans of baking and with the help from their family, they decided to test their baking skills away from their football skills and do a bake sale.

Through the help of their social media platform @eatcake_by_imani_and_umarf they managed to raise a whooping £1,301 by selling cakes.

The money raised will be used to help distribute food to the homeless by working alongside the local churches and mosques within the local borough.

FC Leytonstone would like to recognise the exceptional work of the young brother-sister duo who have made a positive impact on the lives of others.