I don’t want to go over the Notts County affair in too much detail, which followed the same pattern of games gone by, a narrow defeat which saw us unable to pose a serious attacking threat.

So instead, I feel it better to focus on just what is going wrong, the predicament McMahon has and the imperative he sorts it out quickly… else, it’s another mid-table season dawning.

“There’s still a long way to go” - while that is true as we are only 18 games in (along with Notts County, everyone else having at least one game in hand) this almost false sense of security we were lulled into last season I believe is in danger of recurring.

A recurring nightmare, a nightmare of being unable to reach the play-offs; let alone the football league.

However, there is plenty of reason for hope in this team, staff and club, this season like few before we began strongly and looked a real force to be reckoned with.

I’m not here to cite excuses for the not only alarming results of late - but equally disenchanting performances that accompany those losses - no, but to say that not all hope is lost for this season and the issues don’t go as deep as we’re first inclined to believe.

I say this as injuries have left the team depleted and the playing style that won us consecutive games early on redundant.

This is not to absolve anyone of blame and put it down to fate, as I have been a critic of how we went into this season - ‘Quality over quantity’ - because we need both to get out of this unforgiving league. But it is more to add context to this situation that we’re in.

McMahon stated only 12 players were training yesterday, but we’re not a club that can ‘waste money’ on players - I’d say that’s money well spent! Who’s to say this can’t happen again with our small yet ‘quality’ squad being hit with injuries left, right and centre.

Besides the obvious injury woes which have left the squad exposed to its bare bones, the fact we’re just that bit ‘short’ at the back must be addressed efficiently, by delving into the market over the coming weeks. This being essential, if we are serious about the play-off push this season.

I mean, just the apathy on the faces of supporters around me in that away end as those goals were scored on Saturday. That apathy is evidence enough to support the need for a centre back, play-off teams don’t repeatedly concede goals as soft as that.

Maybe we’ll see the answer to this particular issue is already amongst our squad, with recent signing Richard Taylor yet to feature in the back line. On that we’ll have to wait and see, the result the most important thing today.

When at our best, I feel we’re one of the best in the league, we know what McMahon and his players are capable of - but they aren’t delivering - this adds a further layer to our frustration.

Fortunately there is no better time to help put it right, or at least back on the right path, than in front of a Victoria Road crowd against Grimsby on Saturday.

Let’s hope things change, as they must, very soon. Come On You Daggers!