X Factor chat from Redbridge MP gives nun talent show taste

A “SURREAL” conversation about ITV talent show The X Factor between a Redbridge MP and a nun was heard by thousands of radio listeners over the airwaves on Sunday.

Conservative Ilford North MP Lee Scott was taking part in a newspaper review for BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House programme, when his chosen topic of the singing competition’s hotly contested final came up.

But fellow guest, Sister Wendy Beckett, was baffled, saying she had never heard of the programme which on Sunday was seen by more than 18 million people.

Mr Scott, who was invited to take part in the radio show after causing controversy when he chose to abstain from last week’s tuition fees vote, told the Recorder: “It was very surreal.

“I told her it was a show where people sing and get voted off.

“She asked if the singers on it are good. I said some are, some aren’t.

“Afterwards, people on Twitter and on the blogs were saying they never thought they’d hear an MP telling a Sister what The X Factor was!”

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He added: “The funny thing was we were in the green room and most of the front pages had The X Factor on it.”

The talent show was won by 27-year-old Matt Cardle, whose debut single When We Collide is battling to be Christmas No.1.

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