Woman shops in Ilford, then gives birth to baby on bus

An expectant first-time mother shopped in Ilford blissfully unaware her son was on his way, only to give birth to him on the floor of a bus on her way home.

Joanne Terry had shopped in the Exchange Ilford, and had lunch at Marks & Spencer, where she felt “strong period pains” and had to rest for an hour while she drank tea.

Her son was a week overdue, but that did not stop 30-year-old Miss Terry from hitting the shops one last time.

“I had felt fine that day, but experienced some strong period pains while I was shopping,” she said. “I just felt I needed to get home and rest.”

She boarded a number 145 bus home, but while sitting down said she heard a pop and realised her waters had broken.

“I had some baggy jean-style trousers on that day, and when I looked down, they were soaked,” said Miss Terry.

“Suddenly I felt these strong urges to push, so I asked to borrow another passenger’s mobile phone to call my friend to take mine and the baby’s bag and meet me at hospital.”

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But when she lay down on the floor of the bus, the helpful passenger, Sharon Eve, realised she was ready to give birth and asked all the passengers to move away.

“The baby came straight into my arms,” said Mrs Eve. “I went into work after and felt a bit faint. It was very special,” she added.

Miss Terry said she was lucky to have been wearing the baggy trousers that day.

“His head was out without me realising,” said Miss Terry, of Dagenham, who has named her son Joaquin.

Bus driver Keith Emmery said: “When the ambulance arrived, I told them ‘I believe you have an extra package now. The baby is here now’.

“I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often. Babies come when they are ready,” he added.

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