Why pigeons are giving Hainault commuters a messy ride

COMMUTERS will no longer have to negotiate a mass of pigeon mess after work dubbed a “waste of money” by one councillor was approved.

Members of area committee three were accused on Wednesday of “reneging” on a pledge to fund works of up to �10,000 to put netting under the bridge which runs over Hainault station, New North Road, Hainault.

But Conservative Cllr Joyce Ryan’s accusations were heeded by councillors, who agreed to fund the work.

The steep cost of installing the netting is because part of New North Road will have to be closed for several hours while the work is carried out.

But a furious Tory Cllr Harold Moth, who is chairman of area committee three, branded the funding a “waste of public money”.

He added: “If we do go ahead we have to have a full report and we will require permission from the council.”

Cllr Ryan, who has long called for a permanent measure to stop the bird mess from covering the road outside Hainault station, said Transport for London was not planning to review the situation until 2015.

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She added: “Thousands and thousands of people go through that station every day and they have to go through that disgusting pigeon mess.”