Wanstead residents get bee-sy ‘beautifying’ their street with insect-friendly flowers

A group of residents in Wanstead have grouped together to “beautify” their street.

On Saturday the Gordon Road householders held a planting party, filling the street’s tree pits with bedding plants and bee-friendly wild flowers.

The idea was envisioned last year while preparing for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations.

With £50 left in the Jubilee party kitty, several trays of bedding plants were purchased – enough to fill all 13 of the street’s available flowerbeds.

Ann Williams, a long–term resident of Gordon Road and co-coordinator of Wanstead and Woodford Friends of the Earth, said the project was to celebrate the Bee Cause Campaign’s national day of action.

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Friends of the Earth donated bee-friendly seeds to be sown on every available piece of public land.

Redbridge Council has also been told that herbicide spraying will not be required this season on Gordon Road, as each tree pit will be adopted by a resident.

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Ann said: “Bees in Redbridge will be under threat if green belt reduction plans are implemented.

“This is a way of giving these tiny but vitally important creatures our support. We urge other neighbourhoods to do the same.”

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