Wanstead fox expert gives insight into fox behaviour and deterrence tips

Wanstead fox expert Graham Le Blond, who runs deterrence company Foxagon, gives his insight into fox behaviour and tips to keep them out of your garden.

Mr Le Blond said: “There are a lot of attractions for foxes in gardens.

“People often don’t pick apples off trees and, along with fruit and berries, they make up 20 per cent of foxes’ diet.

“And they will drink from anything, including dripping taps and upturned children’s toys that fill up with rainwater.”

The garden visitors will often dig in lawns for crane fly larvae and if people feed them, it desensitises them to humans, according to Mr Le Blond.

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They will then begin to associate people and patio doors with food.

He added: “I’ve never seen a fox suffering from malnutrition that isn’t injured or ill.

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“They basically eat anything, they don’t need any help from us.”

He added: “Foxes will always stick to a certain area but there are things you can do to make your garden unsuitable.

“You can use chemical deterrence sprays that make the fox uncomfortable by fooling it that a bigger, more dominant fox has moved in.

“They don’t like getting wet either and they will keep away if they are sprayed with a sprinkler.”

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