Wanstead filmmaker releases lockdown inspired short film

'A Productive Lockdown' is written and directed by Wanstead filmmaker Daniel Johnson

Jay Sutherland and Lucy-Jane Quinlan (both pictured) star in A Productive Lockdown, written and directed by Wanstead filmmaker Daniel Johnson - Credit: Daniel Johnson

A filmmaker has directed a short film about a couple trying to get through the pandemic.

Daniel Johnson, a screenwriter and director who lives in Wanstead and works in South Woodford, created A Productive Lockdown, which follows the story of a struggling author who decides to make use of lockdown to write a novel. 

However, things do not go as planned as his girlfriend, who secretly harbours writing ambitions of her own, finds herself being the more creatively expressive of the duo.

Ilford-raised Daniel said: "I wanted to make a fun short film which captures the frustrations of lockdowns but does it in an amusing way.”

The film was shot on a very low budget without even the use of a crew, Daniel said.

“This is my favourite way to make a film,” he admitted.

“To have an idea and run with it, not worrying about budgets and equipment but instead just creating in a freewheeling and fun way.”

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The film stars lead actors Jay Sutherland and Lucy-Jane Quinlan.

Jay said: "With everything that everyone's been through with lockdowns and Covid, it just felt like it was the right timing for a light-hearted satirical spin on it. 

“As someone who has been trying to write a lot more over the past two years, I could relate with the character more than I'd probably care to admit.”

Lucy-Jane added: "Three creatives, a script and a camera. The focus was always the story and I think it's easy to lose sight of that when you are working with massive crews and so many people are focused on their own departments. 

“There was a real sense of collaboration and we were able to spend as much time as we needed."

The film also features a cameo from Nicola Kelleher, who plays a comedic role as a news reporter whose reports get increasingly confusing as the film goes on.

The music for the film was created by singer/songwriter Jeremy Mayle, a regular collaborator.

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