VIDEO: Puma helicopter taking off from Ilford

“It should not be about security, it should be about sport” was a wing commander’s summary of the Olympics after confirming the helicopters have not been called out yet.

The three puma helicopters are stationed at the TA Centre in Gordon Road, Ilford until August 15.

Wg Cdr Shane Anderson of the 33rd squadron, said: “It’s been really quiet so for us it’s been great, we have been able to watch the sport - the guys are hooked.”

The helicopters arrived on June 12 and are there to protect the airspace around Olympic venues from terrorist threats.

Mr Anderson said: “We’re trying to be really good neighbours keeping noise down at night as best as we can, we have doing the bare minimum, they are a little noisy when they start up.”

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The squadron are usually stationed at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire.

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