VIDEO: Mystery surrounds why white peacock was crossing road in Newbury Park

White peacock

White peacock - Credit: Archant

If you thought the mystery surrounding why the chicken crossed the road was complicated, try working it out for the albino peacock spotted strutting around Newbury Park.

The elusive bird was having a wander in Aldborough Road North causing much bemusement to drivers and passersby.

One driver was so surprised at the sight, and then annoyed at not being believed she had seen it, she returned to the scene to gather photographic evidence.

Nicola Millington, 41, of Bawdsey Avenue, Newbury Park, said: “I saw it and was like oh my gosh. I went back and I almost crashed when I saw it again.

“I stopped and took pictures and went home to pick up the kids to take them to school.”

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When she told her son what she had seen, he did not believe her and said it was just a big swan.

Unperturbed she bundled him into the car and drove back to the spot.

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“I saw it again and pulled up and my son videoed it as it crossed the road,” she said.

Nicola called the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) which told her to phone around and see if someone had lost a bird.

Tim Webb, from the RSPB, said: “It’s probably come from a nearby home or a collection. It will either return or decide it quite likes it where it is and stay there forever.”

He said that white peacocks are unusual and, although not usually found living in the wild, he thought it would be happy living in Redbridge.

Mr Webb said: “There are not that many things that will hunt down a white peacock, particularly in Ilford. “It will probably hand around a while until someone comes to claim it. Just enjoy it.”

However, he did end on a warning note as peacocks can attack if they are frightened, saying “Don’t try and catch or hug it - it’s not a pigeon”.

Have you lost this bird? Email or call 020 8477 3826.


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