VIDEO: Man ‘too sexy’ for Saudi Omar Borkan has better luck in Gants Hill

Omar Borkan Al Gala, the model identified as one of three men deported from Saudi Arabia for being t

Omar Borkan Al Gala, the model identified as one of three men deported from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome, made his first public appearance in Ilford at Naveeda's Salon in Gants Hill. Omar Borkan Al Gala - Credit: Archant

Hundreds of screaming women (and a few men) queued up in the cold to catch a glimpse of this man who was deemed “too sexy” for one Middle Eastern country.

Omar Borkan captured headlines around the world when he was apparently deported by religious police in Saudi Arabia for being too good looking.

He seemed to have better luck in Gants Hill last night when the 24-year-old model was met by a rather enthusiastic crowd chanting, singing and screaming his name.

“I’m really excited and feel blessed to be here,” Mr Borkan said. “I’m happy and grateful so many people came - it’s what keeps me going and gives me a lot of energy. I feel at home to be honest with you.”

He was appearing at Naveeda’s Salon in Woodford Avenue as part of his first visit to the UK.

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First in the queue was Tasha Field, 22, from Gants Hill who waited three hours to read an Arabic love poem she had learnt especially to recite to Mr Borkan.

“I wanted to give him the poem from my heart. He’s the best looking guy that God ever put breath into.”

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Also in the queue was 18-year-old Aleeza Khan from Leytonstone who said she had wanted to meet him for years.

“He’s so hot and he’s a really good model as well,” she added. “I’m a bit nervous.”

Mr Borkan shot to fame after being deported earlier this year for sitting too closely and talking to women he was not related to at a festival in Saudi where such behaviour is forbidden.

He said: “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The girls started taking pictures and coming over. The religious police didn’t like it and they asked me to leave.”

Salon owner, Naveeda added: “We have never really had anything like this in Ilford before - I’m really happy with the turn out.”

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