VIDEO: Ilford student using CCTV footage to trace driver who crashed into his parked car

An Ilford student is appealing for help finding the driver who sped off after crashing into his parked car.

Qasim Saeed has CCTV footage of the moment a car in Cecil Road seemingly lost control during a u-turn and smashed into the back of his car on December 3.

The silver car, thought to be a Fiat Bravo, can be seen shunting Mr Saeed’s car forward with the force of the impact, before reversing and driving away.

Mr Saeed, 22, is hopes someone can modify the footage from a neighbour’s camera so the vehicle’s number plate can be seen.

He said: “Because I’m a young driver, my excess is �2,000 and the damage is about �2,500 to �3,500.

“If I don’t find out who the driver is, I will have to front the cost using my student loan.”

Mr Saeed, who is studying business information systems at the University of East London, said the police told him they would not investigate the incident.

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A Redbridge police spokesman said that officers usually deal with accidents on public roads, rather than drives, that result in a personal injury.

He added: “It is a civil matter and not for the police to investigate.”

Law requires drivers to stop and report any accident that results in personal injury or damage to other vehicles, animals or property

To do neither is an offence that can be punished with up to six months imprisonment and fines up to �5,000.

Mr Saeed believes a council-operated CCTV camera at the end of the road could help him find the driver.

But he does not yet know if the council will let him see the footage, as each request is judged on its merits.

The car’s bumper and underside was damaged in the crash and Mr Saeed said he is getting the brakes checked.

Councillor Filly Maravala said: “I’m sure someone must know who this car belongs to.

“The idiot who did it thought he might be able to get away with a full u-turn but the car couldn’t do it.

If you think you can help Mr Saeed, email

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