UPDATE: Ilford Hill hand grenade warning to workers

Office workers were sent an email warning them to stay away from the windows as police dealt with an unexploded hand grenade this morning.

People in Beckett House, Ilford Hill, Ilford were sent the message as police closed the car park of a neighbouring Sainsburys and shut down roads around the unstable explosives. The superstore was able to stay open throughout.

Police say that the explosive was found near Becketts House, Ilford Hill and reported at 11am.

Marketing Manager Greig Cranfield wrote on the website Twitter: “Something major going down in Ilford. Roads all closed off, ambulance and police everywhere.”

It is thought that the device has now been made safe, but this has not yet been confirmed by Resbridge Police.

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Did you see the hand grenade? Contact newsdesk on 0208 477 3821.

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