Two Redbridge children injured on school trips a year ago finally told investigations will begin

The families of two Redbridge school children horrifically injured on school trips last summer have finally been told which authority will investigate the accidents.

Redbridge Council has made a temporary transfer of its enforcement responsibilities governing health and safety legislation to the government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to allow the investigations to go ahead.

Both accidents happened at premises run by Redbridge Council’s leisure services company, Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure.

A council spokesman said: “Redbridge recognises a potential conflict of interest in conducting investigations into incidents at premises run by a company in which the council is a significant stakeholder.”

In the first accident, an 11-year-old boy was with classmates from Al Noor Primary School at the Redbridge Cycling Centre, Forest Road, Hainault, when he and a construction vehicle collided.

The lorry was understood to be on the cycle track the schoolchildren were using at the time of the accident on June 27 last year.

A London Ambulance Service spokesman said the boy was treated for injuries to his face, arms and legs and taken to hospital in the air ambulance.

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Less than a month later, another 11-year-old, from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, in Chingford, was enjoying a trip at Fairlop Waters Activity Centre, Forest Road, Barkingside, when his leg was mangled by a patrol boat propeller on July 17.

A witness, who did not want to be named, said: “The blade cut into his calf, it was open about five inches all the way to the bone. His colour went to grey and they gave him oxygen when he was in the water.”

Firefighters happened to be across the lake on a training exercise and rushed to the boy’s aid in a boat.

Dagenham station manager Paul McClenaghan said the crews saved the boy’s life. He added: “He had been in the water for nearly half an hour before we were alerted, so if we hadn’t been training nearby, this could have ended tragically.”

The boy is understood to have undergone two operations.