TV’s Tool Academy works wonders for Hainault couple

A COUPLE struggling to find peace during a rough patch have united after starring in a reality TV show.

Bobby Carey, and Kirsty Wood, of Hainault appeared on the E4 series Tool Academy, in which failing boyfriends are put through a string of tests aimed at improving their laddish behaviour, and the winning couple walk away with �25,000.

But for the pair, who have been together three years, the month-long appearance on the show, in which they reached the semi-final, left them unsuspectingly famous.

“We were queuing to get into a club last week and we were whisked to the front, the bouncer said ‘you don’t have to queue!’” said 23-year-old mother of three Kirsty.

“And I was shocked and confused when I looked on social networking website Facebook to see a picture with both of us, defaced. My face had been cut out and replaced with another girl’s.’”

Kerry put forward her boyfriend, after his attitude worsened following the birth of their children Isabelle-Orchid, two, and Marshall, one.

“He had become lazy – I was doing everything for the children,” she said.

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But since the couple emerged from the show last month, set in a �6million mansion in Hertfordshire, Kirsty says their relationship has strengthened beyond recognition.

“My mum had the children while we went on the show, and since we have been back at home, he has been a different man.

“He makes dinner, makes the bed and is such a better boyfriend than before.”

Bobby took part in a series of tests against other contestants to prove his love for his girlfriend, including a trivia quiz about Kirsty, and a song writing challenge.

But she revealed that getting Bobby to take part in the show was not so simple.

“We tricked him into thinking he was going on a lads show - up until the point that filming had already started.

“He discovered the truth when the curtain fell during a catwalk show featuring page three girls – which they were loving – and all us girlfriends were standing there, unimpressed.”

Tool Academy is on E4, Mondays at 10pm.

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