Uber launches ride-with-pet service

Man with four dogs on leads getting into a taxi

Uber Pet is the latest addition to the Uber app, allowing riders to book a ride with their pet. - Credit: Joe Pepler/PinPep

Travelling across London with a pet can be a logistical challenge, but it's now possible to ride with your dog in an Uber, thanks to the latest addition to the on-demand taxi app.

Following trials in Europe, Uber launched Uber Pet on Tuesday (April 26). The service allows riders on Uberx to select an additional £3.20 surcharge that lets their pets join the ride. Selecting the "Uber pet" option will notify the driver that there will be a pet riding alongside.

To celebrate, Uber will be partnering with Highgate-based charity All Dogs Matter and donating £1 from each Uber Pet trip to the charity.

Corgi wearing black handkerchief that says 'Uber', sitting in backseat of a car with owner

For a £3.20 surcharge, your furry friend can ride along in your Uber with you. - Credit: Joe Pepler/PinPep

Ira Moss, general manager of All Dogs Matter said: “Uber Pet is a really exciting new service, being able to guarantee that your dog is able to ride alongside you in an Uber. Receiving £1 from each Uber Pet trip in April will make a huge difference to us as a charity.

The launch of Uber Pet will not affect Uber’s service animal policy. Passengers with service animals should request their Uber ride as usual.