Three cars damaged at Seven Kings ‘danger spot’

A motorist left three cars damaged in a Seven Kings road described by a councillor as “a dangerous place”.

Cllr Balvinder Saund is urging borough highways chiefs to speak to Transport for London (TfL) to look at safety in High Road.

It follows an accident at 9am on Friday of last week where a BMW car allegedly crashed in to the back of a Citroen, which shunted in to a Lexus in front of that.

After exchanging contact details, witnesses said the BMW driver performed a U-turn, scraping against a Nissan outside Seven Kings Health Centre, near Seven Kings station, and drove off.

The Citroen driver’s husband, Mr Kiamil, 47, said: “My wife is really shaken up.”

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Paramedics treated her for shock and the front of the couple’s car was left ruined.

Mr Kiamil said the female driver of the BMW was rushing to get her child to school, and asked Mrs Kiamil not to call the police because she would pay for the damage.

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But in performing the U-turn, the BMW apparently lost control and swerved on to the wrong side of the road, hitting the Nissan.

Nissan driver Mojammed Khan, 42, suffered scratches to his car.

This time the BMW driver did not stop, turning down nearby New Road.

Mr Khan was dropping his wife off and then intended to go swimming.

“I couldn’t believe she just sped off,” he said.

Cllr Saund said people come out of Seven Kings Road, but there is no right turn, so they turn left and perform a U-turn in High Road outside the health centre.

“It is a very dangerous place. Even though traffic lights have been installed they haven’t seemed to have changed much,” said Cllr Saund.

“We will make our highway officers contact TfL. They need to have a look at this junction again,” she added.

Insurance details from all parties at last Friday’s incident have been exchanged and police are not investigating.

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