Wanstead pub The Duke could lose its licence over claims of repeated public nuisance and anti-social behaviour

The Duke pub in Wanstead

The Duke pub in Wanstead - Credit: Google

A popular Wanstead pub is to have its premises licence reviewed over allegations of regular public nuisance and anti-social behaviour linked to the venue.

Redbridge Council's licensing sub-committee will hear evidence at a meeting at a Town Hall meeting at 10.10am on October 7 that The Duke Public House in Nightingale Lane has repeatedly breached its licensing conditions.

A request to review the pub's licence under section 51 of the Licensing Act 2003 was first received on August 14 from a resident living nearby.

That resident says that constant "excessively loud" noise from the pub has had a detrimental impact on the lives of them and their family and has been "extremely stressful".

Further problems have been caused by smokers outside the pub repeatedly leaving glasses on the home's windowsill.

During Christmas Eve celebrations last year, the application alleges that at 3am on Christmas Day a group of patrons were asked to move on from outside the resident's house and reacted angrily, attempting to kick the property's front door in.

In their application, the resident supplied reference numbers for 16 complaints made to Redbridge Councl's enforcement team this year about noise and other anti-social behaviour at the venue.

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The resident claims that each time that the enforcement team could not look into the issue "as their resources were completely tied up assisting the police with an operation".

The Metropolitan Police has also supported the application to review the licence.

After being made aware of the resident's allegations, Pc Oisin Daly of the East Area licensing team visited the pub on August 21.

There, he discovered that the venue's CCTV system was only recording for 25 days, so pub management could not disprove allegations of unlicensed activity in late July.

Pc Daly did monitor the rest of the pub's CCTV footage, and discovered two other occassions patrons had stayed beyond the premises open hours.

Both related to Friday nights into Saturday mornings, when the pub is supposed to close at 1am.

On the first occassion, on August 10, a group of men remained in the pub until 1.46am.

The second instance involved two groups sitting in the pub's beer garden at 1.15am.

Pc Daly points out that the conditions on the pub's current licence read: "There shall be no persons outside consuming alcohol beyond 11pm."

Another issue noted by the officer was that there was no noise limiter linked to the amplified music being played throughout the venue - another breach of the licencing conditions.

Pc Daly concluded: "In total during my visit I found there to be several breaches of the licence, all which would have an impact on the public nuisance licencing objective and would support the application for a review."