Terrified residents’ night of fear after party turns into stabbing

�A mob ran riot leaving five people stabbed and sprawled in four different streets after a house party ended in chaos.

Neighbours in Mayfield Conservation area, off Green Lane, Ilford told the Recorder they fear further gang-related attacks in the wake of the crime spree which hit the area on Friday night.

The five were found with multiple stab wounds at 11pm in Green Lane, Lynford Gardens, Nutfield Gardens and Sunnyside Road. Two had punctured lungs.

The house party, which residents say was in nearby Breamore Road, was reportedly attended by more than 100, including some from other boroughs.

One Lynford Gardens resident, too scared to be named, said: “My husband looked out of the window at about 11pm because we couldn’t get to sleep for the noise.

‘No hope’

“We saw one boy being chased by an angry gang of about eight. He had no hope. We decided not to look any longer because one woman who they thought had called the police had her car windscreen smashed.”

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Another resident described the moment the mob turned on residents.

“One woman walking home on her own was confronted. They pulled her handbag off her and started verbally abusing her. A neighbour came out to help and gave her back her bag.”

Police are urging people to come forward with information on the attacks.

Two people have been arrested, one was bailed, and the other released with no further action.

Det Insp Phil Davies said: “There was a party that evening and two victims who left were attacked.

“The issue of gangs is something we are looking into, but it’s not the only avenue of inquiry.

“If there are gangs coming into the borough we want to identify them.”

n Anyone with information is asked to contact the serious crime unit on 020 8345 2751.