Stripper teacher ‘rescued Redbridge boy from Pakistan madrassa’

A former Redbridge teacher reprimanded for starring in adult films claims he is caring for a boy who fled a Pakistan madrassa.

Benedict Garrett, who moonlighted as a stripper while teaching at Beal High School, Woodford Bridge Road, spoke of his shock when the Redbridge teenager contacted him on Facebook in January asking for help, he claims.

He said the boy had asked to leave after what he believed was a two-week visit emerged to be a two-year stay at the Islamic school.

Mr Garrett bought his airline ticket and met him at the airport in February.

He claims he has been paying for and looking after the teenager ever since, and was cleared by Hackney social services to look after him.

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The boy, now 17, is living with Mr Garrett outside London.

Mr Garrett, 31, was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct at the Redbridge school, but left free to continue teaching by the General Teaching Council yesterday.

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He said he had dipped in and out of work as a naked butler, adult film star and stripper for years, adding acting naked was a “liberating experience”.

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