Spiritual life: Remember implications of greed

PUBLISHED: 08:00 13 January 2018


A goodly word is like a goodly tree whose roots are firmly fixed and its branches reach to the heavens.

It brings forth its fruit at all times by the decree of its Lord.

This goodly tree is known for its beauty, giving pleasure to all who see it; its stability remains firm and unshaken in storms because its roots are firmly fixed in the earth. Its branches reach high and wide, catching all the sunlight from the heavens.

It gives shade to countles birds in its branches and provides shelter for man and animals beneath.

It provides fruit in abundance year after year.

So also is the good word, the word of truth, goodness and justice. It is as beautiful as it is true and is found in all the ups and downs of this life and even beyond.

Deeply rooted in the soul of the man who has faith in God, it is never shaken by sorry or what seems a calamity.

The word spreads above, around and below and because it is illuminated by a divine light, its consolation reaches countless numbers of people of whatever race or culture.

In contrast to the goodly word, the evil word is like the evil tree of Zaqqum, the bitter tree which has its roots in the very bottom of Hell.

Its stalks produce bitter fruit likened to the heads of devils and those who fill themselves with its fruit find themselves in a vicious spiral of corruption.

The evil word spreads out into our environment.

Let us not waste the opportunity this year of remembering the wider implications of our greed and selfishness.

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