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I find no contradictions between British and Islamic values

The Casey Review into opportunity and integration was published in December.

As a member of the London Muslim Communities Forum, we had several meetings chaired by Commander Mak Chishty of the London Metropolitan Police to discuss the review and its impact on the Muslim communities in Britain.

One of the points we discussed was “British values” as detailed in 5.8 of the review. It states: “The idea of certain values that are seen as particularly ‘British’ has gained importance under recent governments, including the last Labour administration, the coalition and the current Conservative administration. While individually these values are recognised as not uniquely British, the current government in its counter extremism strategy considers the following combination integral to a successful and cohesive nation:

1) Democracy, 2) The rule of law, 3) Individual liberty, 4) Equality, 5) Freedom of speech, 6) Mutual respect, tolerance and understanding of different faiths and beliefs.”

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As a learned and practising Muslim I don’t find any contradictions between British values and Islamic values. Unfortunately, there are many Muslims who are not aware of such Islamic values.

For example, to address the 6th value regarding “Freedom of Worship and Religious Tolerance”, God says in the Quran: “Had your Lord willed, all the people on earth would have believed.

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“Will you then (Mohammed) compel people against their will, to believe!”10:99.

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