Speed hump victory for Ilford campaigner

A woman who has been campaigning for speed humps in her road for five years received a round of applause when councillors granted her wish.

Doreen Florant was joined by four other residents of Brook Road, Ilford, at the area committee seven meeting in Highlands Gardens, Ilford, as they voiced concerns about unsuspecting motorists who enter the road at high speeds and do not realise there is a sharp bend at the end.

“Many of you sitting in front of me think I might be aggressive, but it’s not aggression, it’s frustration,” she said.

“My neighbour’s cars have been written off while they were sleeping. We are lucky that it was a car and not a person.

“Someone will die, is this what we are waiting to happen?” She added.

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But committee chairman Cllr Dev Sharma appeared defiant and said: “It’s very emotive to say that someone will die. “I know you have been coming with other residents to area committee meetings for a long time, but we can only consider as a committee what is realistic and within our budget, especially during these times of financial uncertainty.”

A highways officer at the meeting said: “The cost of a speed hump is between �2,000 and �3,000.

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In my professional opinion, it will take about five to be of use slowing down cars, so that’s a total cost of around �16,000, along with the costs of consultations and advertising this.” He added that only one accident had been recorded on the road in the past three years, in December 2010 when three people had to be cut out of a car.

Mrs Florant said: “In that case, can we try and spread the cost, by having two speed humps this year, and applying for more in the next financial year?”

Councillors went to a vote and decided to grant funding for the two humps, but Cllr Sharma added: “I can’t make any promises there will be funding for the next financial year.”

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