South Woodford “miner” stayed in costume to go clubbing after opening ceremony

A father-of-two from South Woodford surprised clubbers on Friday by going out in costume after taking part in the Olympics opening ceremony.

Ryan Kliszat, 38, of Fullers Road, hit the town in Hackney dressed as a miner along with fellow performers dressed as nurses and Ziggy Stardust.

He said drivers were honking their horns at the group as they walked about.

He was one of the “warriors”, a group of about 200 people who came out of the mock Glastonbury Tor following Sir Kenneth Branagh’s speech from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Ryan said: “People were in tears in the Tor waiting to come on.

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“It was one of the most moving experience of my life, apart from having my kids.”

The group, chosen because of their bigger builds to help transform a pastoral scene into a version of industrialised Britain, appeared out of the Tor.

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They moved turf before standing to pay their respects as performers dressed as First World War soldiers walked into view.

Ryan said he and fellow “warriors” who have been in touch on Facebook, have watched the broadcast of the ceremony “a lot” since taking part.

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