South Park regulars “sickened” by vandalised honeycomb and dead bees

South Park Users Group members, from left, Tony Hoad, Anne Hoad, Elaine Webb and Tony Webb

South Park Users Group members, from left, Tony Hoad, Anne Hoad, Elaine Webb and Tony Webb - Credit: Archant

Park regulars were “sickened” as they discovered a fallen honeycomb had been vandalised, killing all of the bees inside it.

Members of South Park Users Group discovered the honeycomb in a fallen tree had been broken up and covered in white powder, killing all of the existing bees.

South Park Users Group photographer, Tony Webb, 67, of Cavenham Gardens, Ilford, said: “I was sickened when I saw what had been done. This is simply vandalism.”

Late last year, a storm had blown over a tree in park in South park Road, Ilford and the honeycomb with live bees had fallen on to the ground. Tony and his wife Elaine spotted it and Tony - a regular iwitness24 contributor - took photographs of it.

But when they returned a few days later, they were shocked to see that the bees were no longer alive and the honeycomb had been destroyed.

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Tony said: “I couldn’t believe what I saw. This isn’t something that happens too often but it is simply horrible to think people are intentionally doing this to the nature around them.”

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The South Park Users Group set up a wildlife centre in the park where residents and schools can visit to learn more about the park and the wildlife it shelters.

“I think everyone in the suburban areas have become disconnected from the wildlife around them and they need to be taught how to handle and preserve nature around them,” added Tony.

“I’m hoping that if we educate the young, it will be them that will educate their parents.”

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