Sex shop owner told to take Ilford billboard down

A sex shop owner is being forced to take down an advertising billboard which is opposite a primary school and has angered a church minister.

The large sign on the side of the Passage To India Restaurant, in High Road, Ilford, opposite the Welcome To Ilford sign has attracted 25 complaints from residents.


The For Horny Devils advert, which was put up last week, has received complaints from parents of Winston Way Primary School pupils, where the sign can be seen from the playground.

The Rev Stephen Derbyshire of City Gates Christian Centre, High Road, Ilford, has questioned whether it is the kind of message the town wants to give out.

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He said: “I am so enraged about the sign, especially for the sake of parents and especially at Christmas when shoppers will be coming into the town.

“What really bothered me was our centre was made to take down a sign for our nursery school which we did immediately and there is now a large offensive sign right on the main roundabout.”

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Local resident Dr Chand Bibi said: “As a parent with young children it would have been nice if the council had asked permission from the school and taken the youngsters into consideration as they can easily see the sign.”

The owner of the shop, Bradley Rose, said: “The council have asked me to take down the sign which I am extremely disappointed about when I have broken no laws. I was hoping the sign would drum up more income but it will end up costing me �1,200.

“I didn’t know the sign would be so close to a school and the media company who decides where the ad will be placed are supposed to check the vicinity for possible objections.”

A council spokesman said that although the billboard complied with advertising standards requirements, due to public complaints the licensing team spoke to the advertisers and they agreed to take the board down and modify it.

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