Animals bite rubbish after wheelie bin delivery delay

Seven Kings resident torn apart by animals after wheelie bin delay

Animals gnawed at rubbish which was not collected outside a Seven Kings home after approved side waste stickers and large wheelie bins were delayed. - Credit: Sarah Brown

Animals have been gnawing on rubbish piled up outside a Seven Kings resident's home after Redbridge Council's cleansing team allegedly refused to collect it following a wheelie bin delivery delay.

Sarah Brown qualified for two large 240l wheelie bins as well as a 180l bin because there are 13 people living in her house in Pembroke Road.

She received the smaller bin but on March 2 she was told by the council she might not get the larger bins for four months due to a delay.

But Sarah said the authority promised to send her stickers she could use to put on her rubbish in the meantime.

When the stickers did not turn up, Sarah tried to show the email from the council when the cleansing team came last week but she said they refused to collect the 10 bags of rubbish she had piled up over two weeks.

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Sarah told the Recorder: "There are birds pecking at it and I've got my neighbours on my back because the rubbish is piling up but the driver didn't care."

When she showed him the email from the council, she claimed the driver told her: "It's not my problem" and used offensive language. 

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After the Recorder contacted the council last week, Sarah received her stickers for approved side waste on Tuesday, May 4 and received her 240l bins on Wednesday. 

On Tuesday, May 4 a spokesperson for Redbridge Council said: "We want to apologise to Ms Brown for the issues she has experienced.

"Our team have been working to resolve this and have now been in touch with Ms Brown.

"The larger bins are due to be delivered to the property very soon, and side waste collection stickers for the property have been provided until the bins arrive.

“We are currently rolling out wheelie bins to 85,000 households in Redbridge as part of a drive to reduce waste in the borough, keep our streets cleaner and increase recycling rates.

"Residents can stay up-to-date on the roll-out by visiting our dedicated wheelie bin page​.”

A resident in Redbridge had a similar problem when an admin error caused his rubbish to pile up for four weeks. 

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