Seven Kings residents living in fear of dog smashing through fences into gardens

Tariq has used a door as a temporary cover for his broken fence.

Tariq has used a door as a temporary cover for his broken fence. - Credit: Archant

Tariq Aleem is using this old glass door to block the hole in his fence made by a “vicious” dog in Seven Kings.

The dog, believed to be a type of bulldog, is terrorising residents in Green Lane by smashing through fences and running around gardens.

Mr Aleem said: “It tried to attack one of my kids, but he ran inside.”

Neighbours say the animal has been escaping from a nearby home for more than a month.

Alfred Mullender, 78, said the it has gone through six fences.

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He added: “With the lattice fencing, he just smashes through. One person has stakes, so he pushes his face through.

“It’s a danger to all the other people and something is going to happen.

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“People shouldn’t be scared to go in their own gardens.

“The dog is obviously bored, the garden is too small for it.”

Mr Mullender said he had reported the matter to the police and council but does not know of any action being taken. Neighbour Farzana Mahmood said her two young daughters are frightened of the dog.

She added: “One watches and says it’s coming in the house and the other one starts crying.

“I can’t even go outside to hang my washing out.”

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