Seven Kings man tells of day he was shot by burglar

A MAN who was awarded the George Cross for “courage of the highest order”, after being shot in the face while apprehending a burglar, will have his memories of the ordeal published.

Henry Stevens, 82, of Seven Kings, was a police constable called out to a burglar alarm going off at a house in Bromley, Kent, on March 29, 1958.

In the book, he tells how he saw a raider climbing over a wooden fence from the �garden of the house and broke into a chase.

“I chased after the man and was gaining on him,” he said.

“When I was about three of four yards away from him, he half-turned, pointed a gun at me and shouted, ‘Stop or you’ll get this’.”

Ignoring the threat, Mr Stevens continued the chase only to be shot at by Ronald Easterbrook.

In the memoir, he describes the feeling of being shot in the face as it “exploding”.

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He added: “I momentarily saw stars and I recall tasting blood.” Following a short period in hospital Mr �Stevens, then 30, was back on the beat.

“Reading the memoirs did not stir any emotions in me at all,” he added. “It all �happened so long ago.

“All I felt was anger at the time, pure temper. I was determined that this man would not get away.”

Easterbrook was caught shortly after and Mr Stevens had to identify him from a photograph while in hospital.

Easterbrook was sentenced to 16 years in prison for the shooting and other crimes.

Mr Stevens’ memories are published in the book which documents the accounts of all 161 George Cross holders.

George Cross Heroes, by Michael Ashcroft, is �published by Headline and is available on November 11.

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