Seven Kings gurdwara to hold meeting today about Golden Temple revelations

Hundreds of Sikh will gather today to discuss revelations of the possible British involvement in an attack their holiest shrine in India.

The Golden Temple in Amrisar was stormed by Indian military in 1984 in a bloody attack.

The claims of British involvement were made after government documents were released this month under the 30-year-rule.

The meeting will be held at the Singh Sabha gurdwara in High Road, Ilford from 4-6pm to call for full disclosure of British involvement.

Mankamal Singh, who is on the gurdwara’s committee, said: “Sikhs have always identified themselves with the British core values of respecting human rights and respect for all.

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“The recent disclosure of previously secret documents apparently detailing UK Government involvement in the 1984 attack has come as a great shock to British Sikhs like myself.

“We now want to know how deep the involvement of the then UK Goverment was.”

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The attack took place on one of the holiest days in the Sikh calander and, as well as the large loss of life, great damage was inflicted on the temple and the library was ransacked.

“The storming of the sacred Golden Temple was deplorable and unacceptable and the means which the Indian army used, such as battle tanks and artillery, was the ultimate desecration of this profoundly religious place.”

The Golden Temple was built by fifth Sikh guru Arjan in the 16 century. He completed the Sikh holy book and installed it in the gurdwara.

“Many Sikhs just want to know the truth and have requested the Prime Minister to commission a full investigation so that the narrative of what happened in Amritsar in 1984 is presented truthfully and is fully transparent.”

The meeting is organised in conjunction with the Sikh Council UK.

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