Seven Kings family vows to take clampers to court

A family from Seven Kings is vowing to take a clamping company to court after being fined over �700.

Jyotika Ghetia’s car was clamped on Thursday in the car park of New World American Pool and Snooker Club in Opal Mews, near Ilford town centre, around 5.30pm.

Daughter Millika Ghetia, 21, of Lombard Avenue, claimed she was in the car with her mother and sister when a Securak officer put a clamp on the rear wheel.

She said: “There was a tap on the window and a man said the car had been clamped and we needed to pay �475.

“It was really sneaky, he put it on so quietly we couldn’t hear. We could have reversed or anything.”

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She said when her dad, Bipin Ghetia, arrived to pay, his car was also clamped and the family was ordered to pay �735 to have the cars released.

But Securak head of enforcement Andrew Martin, who was at the scene, said the family left the car and the mother refused to pay the parking fine when she returned.

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Mr Martin added: “When the man turned up he said he wouldn’t pay and I asked him to leave the car park twice before we clamped him.

“There are signs up all over the car park, it’s our job to keep it clear.”

But Miss Ghetia said the family will take Securak to court because their actions “can’t be right”.

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