Seven Kings aunt fighting for justice after niece, 8, ‘killed in India for organs’

Guriken Kaur Loyal, eight, died in the Punjab on April 2.

Guriken Kaur Loyal, eight, died in the Punjab on April 2. - Credit: Archant

A heartbroken aunt is fighting for justice after her eight-year-old niece died in India under suspicious circumstances and was returned to the UK missing vital organs.

Gurkiren Kaur Loyal was on a holiday to the Punjab visiting her grandmother last month when she was taken to a local clinic with dehydration.

Her aunt, Jin Loyal, of Seven Kings, said Gurkiren had been chatting to her parents in her hospital bed and appeared well on April 2.

She said: “She was talking about by children, her cousins, and how she wanted to take gifts back.

“Someone came in with a pre-filled syringe and injected her cannula.

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“Within seconds she just flipped and she passed away.”

Jin, 40, was not on the family holiday but was told of her niece’s death by Gurkiren’s mother.

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In a horrifying twist to the family’s torment, when the body was returned to England it was missing many major organs.

The grizzly discovery was made by a Birmingham coroner who had attempted to carry out a post-mortem.

Tracey Organ said she could not investigate the cause of death because there was not “sufficient material”.

Jin said it was “impossible to describe” the pain endured by the family.

She added: “Gurkiren was lovely, she was beautiful, she was an amazing person and so helpful and loving.

“She was loved by everyone and her friends adored her.”

Her family fear she was killed in an attempt to “harvest” her organs for sale.

A black market is known to operate in India, providing material for transplants and operations.

But the hospital where Gulkiren died, in Khanna, has issued a statement saying the brain, heart, both lungs, half of both kidneys and some parts of her liver, spleen, stomach and intestines were taken for examination to determine her cause of death.

Jin is warning people travelling to India to ensure they go to “reputable” clinics for medical treatment.

A campaign is being mounted to get Gulkiren’s organs returned to the UK and pressure the government into forming a medical accreditation system for Brits needing treatment abroad.

The family are looking for anyone who has had experiences of unusual deaths or medical irregularities in India or other countries to come forward.

Email with your experiences.

Follow @justice_for_GKL on Twitter for information on how to get involved with the campaign.

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