Barkingside road with high accident rate is 'endangering' lives, claim residents

PUBLISHED: 13:02 03 December 2018 | UPDATED: 13:02 03 December 2018

A mini roundabout on the road which has a 'higher accident rate' than normal. Picture: David Poole

A mini roundabout on the road which has a 'higher accident rate' than normal. Picture: David Poole


A road in Barkingside with a "higher than normal accident rate" is endangering motorists' lives, residents claim.

A car went though the hedge on Forest Road.Picture: David PooleA car went though the hedge on Forest Road.Picture: David Poole

Additional “safety measures” have been introduced in Forest Road, but road users say they are not helping the situation.

Former Redbridge councillor David Poole said the road - which links Barkingside to Hainault - is unacceptable in its current condition.

“Residents have collided with the raised mini roundabout and they have been launched through the fields,” he said.

“The roundabout was only in for two minutes and already a car went through a hedge.

“The council claims that if they built it in accordance with the regulations then they are not liable for any accidents that these may cause, whether it be the speed bumps or raised mini roundabouts or kerb buildouts.

“This is unacceptable - if they have installed road schemes that are endangering motorists’ lives then there needs to be a review of such things.”

Mr Poole said he has seen a number of accidents on the road and the measures are “ridiculous”.

“It’s no wonder accidents are happening - these things are deadly,” he added.

Resident Frederick Hurrell also wrote into the Recorder about the road.

He said: “When these plans were put before the residents of Forest Road, I responded with vehement objections and forecast that they would cause accidents, sadly I was proven right, within just a couple of weeks of the completion of the kerb outs when the one directly opposite my house caused a motorist to plough into an empty parked car, throwing the parked vehicle across the pavement and itself at right angles to the road.

“Only good fortune prevented pedestrians, oncoming traffic and others becoming part of what could have been a fatal incident.

“As I write this letter, your contractors are in the process of constructing the speed cushions which everybody knows, bar the council, have zero effect on reducing speeds because cars can straddle the cushions and continue at speed.

“In fact they are more dangerous because cars often swerve to ensure that they straddle the cushions in order to avoid slowing down - they are especially dangerous when installed at the kerb outs, which is the case in Forest Road where there is only just enough room for two cars to pass with not enough room if a lorry or bus is passing.

“Add to that the known detrimental effects of speed bumps on the environment ie noise and pollution and one wonders how any responsible authority can ignore government warnings about this and proceed the way that Redbridge has. I urge the council to re-consider this plan and make plans to undo the damage already done.”

A Redbridge Council spokesman said there has been a lot of research into the effectiveness of traffic calming measures and in general, the ones installed in Forest Road have been proven to reduce speed and accidents.

“The recent accident(s) is unfortunate but without details of how it occurred it is not prudent to assume that the new road layout caused the accidents as the road already had a poor accident record,” he said.

“However, officers will contact the police to see if they have any details.

“The speed cushions have been designed in accordance with the Department for Transport’s guidance and are designed to be traversed at the posted speed limit of 30 mph - it should not be necessary for drivers to reduce their speed as they can be navigated at 30mph without discomfort and it is only those inconsiderate drivers that would need to reduce their speed to avoid a poor ride.

“Taking the above into account the undoubted benefits that this type of traffic calming feature provides in our commitment to reducing casualty figures on our roads, we will not be altering or removing any parts of the scheme at this time.”

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