Sadiq Khan promises to tackle Central Line noise at Woodford Tube station

Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan - Credit: Archant

An innovative new technique will be used to reduce noise from the Tube between Woodford and South Woodford, the Mayor of London has stated.

Sadiq Khan explained that a system of “rail damping” will quieten the wheel when it rubs against the track, on what is known as one of the loudest section of the Central Line.

But angry commuters have called for the mayor to deal with the “terrible service” first.

Mr Khan was responding to a question by Labour Assembly Member Tom Copley, releasing the answer last week.

He said: “Given the concerns raised at this location, Transport for London (TfL) is using a ‘rail damping’ system, which would reduce noise levels at source.

“This is a new approach and will need to be tested before installation at Woodford.”

Mr Khan, pictured above, added that TfL will keep residents informed of the timescale of the work, if it goes ahead.

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Cllr Lloyd Duddridge (Lab, Roding) said he was “pleased” the mayor was taking action.

“It something that’s a big problem for people who live very close to the line, particularly now that the Night Tube has started. It’s even worse in Church End ward.

“It is something we are working closely with Wes Streeting on, we are prepared to work as a team.”

Last week Mr Streeting, the MP for Ilford North, told the Recorder he wanted TfL to come up with an “action plan” to deal with overcrowding.

Caroline Milton, 47, praised Mr Khan for trying to deal with the noise, but said commuters wanted TfL to focus on providing more services.

“I would never say it’s not an issue, or criticise someone for trying to help, but when you get a terrible service on the Central Line every day, that’s where the priorities should lie.”

Caroline, who uses Roding Valley Station, took more than two hours to get to work, in Vauxhall, on Monday.

Cllr Tom McLaren (Con, Church End) agreed with the exasperated commuters.

“For most residents the main concern is the overcrowding they are facing on a daily basis,” he said.

TfL has been contacted for comment.