RYC: 'How our generation can educate ourselves and others on knife crime'

A model poses holding a knife. PA Photo. Picture date: Thursday January 16, 2020. Picture: Andrew Ma

Keith Prince AM says that Sadiq Khan must prioritise crime, especially knife crime - Credit: PA Images

Redbridge Youth Council has recently drawn attention to the harrowing issue of knife crime in our community.

We discussed how our generation can educate ourselves and help educate others on knife crime.

Kache Nguzo

RYC member, Kache Nguzo, asks people not to litter - Credit: Redbridge Youth Council

In a recent meeting, we explained to a police constable about our concerns - in which he emphasised how local police are working hard to improve the safety of Redbridge, and how we can all play our part by letting people we trust know about any information involving suspicious activity or knife crime that we may know of.

We believe that knife crime is an issue that our community can overcome if we work together, between our schools, police officers and Redbridge residents.

Several people, during the meeting with the police constable, emphasised how many young people of today perceive that in schools and other social environments, the opportunity to report an act of knife crime is rare and many were highly unlikely to report a crime.

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We believe that education about the risks and the dangers of knife crime is the solution to the situation that Redbridge faces today, as we stress to educate our own and future generations to avoid outbreaks. 

This will help not only us, but our community to be a safer place for our families to live in.

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