‘Ronnie Kray’ back four years after fight with brother Reggie in Goodmayes

A cat called Ronnie Kray has returned home after running away four years ago following a “punch-up” with his brother, Reggie.

The tabby was spotted on a night camera set up by his owner to watch the foxes.

Ronnie and Reggie were named after the infamous East End criminal brothers after being found in a bin in East Ham and continually getting into trouble.

Joan O’Halloran said: “They were both tearaway kittens – they were such little horrors and were really mischievous so I thought Ronnie and Reggie were appropriate names.

“I’m sure the Krays wouldn’t have minded as they are handsome fellows.”

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Ronnie went missing from his home in Goodmayes in 2008 after a spat with Reggie, and although there were initial sightings, he did not return.

Mrs O’Halloran said: “Ronnie is not as bad as Reggie, who was always getting into mischief. He and Ronnie might have had a bit of a punch-up and Reggie got the better of him so that might have made him wander off.”

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When the tabby first went missing, Mrs O’Halloran, 71, and her husband Jim, 72, put up hundreds of posters in the hope of finding him.

Mr O’Halloran, of Green Lane, said: “We thought we saw him a couple of times when he first went missing – we were searching for him for ages. We even contacted websites for help.”

They did not see the cat again until they were watching the video they had made of the foxes which routinely come into their garden looking for food.

“A few nights ago we saw this tabby on the fox video and I kept waiting for him to return,” said Mrs O’Halloran. “I wondered if that’s my Ronnie. I approached him and he didn’t run away so I brought him in.”

They then took the cat to the vet who found its microchip, proving it was the couple’s beloved pet.

Mrs O’Halloran added: “I’m absolutely delighted as I had brought him up since he was three weeks old.

“We want to encourage people to have their cats microchipped and there is hope of finding your animal.”

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