Residents left out in the cold after Redbridge Council turns the heating off

�Residents have called for Redbridge Council to turn their heating back on after making complaints during the recent colder weather.

The council turned off the communal boiler which supplies about 20 estates, consisting of high-rise and smaller flat blocks, on around May 22 due to hot weather.

After receiving complaints, a council spokesman said the heating was turned back on over the weekend.

But Aroon Baljoresai, 40, of Kesteven Close, Hainault, said that had not happened yet.

He said: “At 7pm it was 17C in my flat. We are cold by about 8 or 9pm and I have to sit in bed to keep warm. There are elderly people living upstairs. I’m really annoyed.”

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Mr Baljoresai said his council block was built decades ago and is poorly insulated with single glazing.

He said: “When you put your hand near the glass you can feel the wind. In the morning there’s lots of condensation. It’s miserable.”

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Mr Baljoresai said he did not understand why he had to continue paying heating charges when the heating is not on.

“We pay �13.62 each week just for heating which does not include hot water.

“It’s the highest out of any other bill I pay and we don’t have heat and they’re still taking it,” he said.

Redbridge Council said the heating charges are averaged over 50 weeks and are then evenly spread throughout the year.

The heating is usually switched off between May and September.

A Redbridge Homes spokesman said: “The recent drop in temperature and feedback from residents means it has been agreed that the heating will be switched back on.

“The situation will be kept under review and arrangements will be made to switch off for the season later in June.”

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