Residents could save on bills through The Big London Energy Switch

Save money on energy bills through an auction on Tuesday available to 10,000 households.

By signing up to The Big London Energy Switch, consumers could take advantage of a bespoke tariff that is normally unavailable.

The scheme works by using the buying power of many customers to attract lower prices from energy firms.

In a joint statement, Cllr Keith Prince, leader of Redbridge Council, and Cllr Ian Bond, the deputy leader, said: “We’ve all seen that energy prices have been in the news recently and, of course, the key thing is that residents take action to ensure they know they can heat their homes this winter without the worry of big bills.

“We would encourage residents to sign up as soon as possible.”

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The government says more than 21,000 people saved an average of £131 on their energy bills thanks to collective switching schemes like BLES. Registration is open until Monday.

Once the deadline has passed, the supplier which submits the lowest price wins the auction.

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n For more details and to register, visit: www.biglondon

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