Redbridge schools hoping for Cameron sports U-turn

COMMENTS by the Prime Minister have left leaders of the borough’s School Sports Partnerships (SSPs) “hopeful” and “heartened” that cuts will not be as bad as originally feared.

David Cameron appeared to indicate a U-turn on the abolition of SSPs in the House of Commons last week.

Following a discussion in which Labour MPs repeatedly criticised the proposals, Mr Cameron said: “I’m looking carefully at the debate held yesterday.

“We’re talking with head teachers to make sure that what we come up with actually works on the ground and I hope we’ll be able to make an announcement soon.”

Commenting on the statement, Kay Wilding, manager of Caterham SSP, said: “I was heartened. At least they’ve realised it’s a mistake and have now acknowledged that. I hope they will put something in place to keep at least some areas of the partnership going.

“Everyone is making cuts, you have to cut, but I hope that when economic times improve we can bring other parts back.”

She said that the SSP will be carrying on its normal programme of activities and a decision will be made on its future by the end of the month.

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Its activities include running after-school clubs and competitions for children, as well as anti-obesity and other health schemes.

There are 450 SSPs across the country, which receive a combined grant of �162million.

Redbridge has two SSPs, one run by Caterham High School, Caterham Avenue, Clayhall, and the other by Mayfield School, Pedley Road, Goodmayes.

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