Redbridge pupils found Ice Age is closer than you think

PUPILS from six schools showed their creative skills making models of mammoths - while they learnt of Ilford’s rich Ice Age heritage.

St Bede’s Primary School was host to the event, which saw youngsters making the model mammoths to celebrate the “graveyard” of Ice Age animals which is said to exist under the town centre.

Organising the event, artist Terry Quirk said: “Five metres under Ilford High Street there are the remains of prehistoric animals, which were washed here by rivers.

“I want to get the ball rolling by having a statue of a woolly mammoth put in Seven Kings to mark this area as somewhere which is effectively a graveyard of prehistoric animals.” Pupils took part in the event which continued throughout the day, making tusks and mammoths out of old milk bottles, paper and glue.

Mr Quirk says he hopes to create enough interest through his website,the Ilford Mammoth Project,to generate support to design and build the mammoth but he needs 2000 supporters to do this.

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The artist was inspired after a woolly mammoth, found in the River Roding, was put on exhibition at London’s Natural History Museum.

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