Redbridge primary schools join programme to link their subjects to world of work

The borough’s primary schools have become early pioneers in a move to encourage pupils to make early links between the subjects they are taught in the classroom and how they are applied in the world of work.

Aldersbrook Primary, Wanstead; Coppice Primary, Hainault; Gilbert Colvin Primary, Barkingside, and Snaresbrook Primary, Snaresbrook, are just some of the schools that have started using the Yes Programme, a bank of 90 career-related films and resources.

The films cover the core Key Stage 2 subjects of English, maths and science using examples such as a computer game designer using algebra, a chocolatier understanding reversible change and a comedienne using rhetorical devices.

Debbie Wiles, headteacher at Gilbert Colvin Primary School, said: “We are keen to apply children’s learning to the world of work so that they can see the bigger picture.

“What’s more, I think it’s incredibly important to ensure pupils are exposed to a variety of jobs as early as possible to show them they have an unlimited choice of careers they can pursue.”

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