Redbridge Police ‘not interested’ in second cashpoint theft

A second victim to cashpoint fraudsters has �criticised police for failing to take the crime seriously.

Charan Dhaiwil, 59, from Barkingside, tried to withdraw �30 from the ATM at Barclay’s Bank in High Street, Barkingside, on March 2 but was �perplexed when the cash was not forthcoming.

Although he went straight to the police station, in High Street, Barkingside, Mr �Dhaiwil says that the young member of staff at the counter refused to take a report of the crime, claiming it was too �trivial.

The incident echoes that of Danny Bruce who had fallen victim to scammers the same day at a bank in New North Road, Hainault.

His mother, Lyn, also went to the Barkingside station but was initially sent away by �police.

Mr Dhaiwil said: “It is �horrendous that the police, who are supposed to take an interest and reassure us, didn’t care at all.

“The police staff member I spoke to told me to go back to the cash machine and get the device that was covering it but I said ‘no’. I knew that the �people responsible were still around.

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“The man at the station was not interested in dealing with my report.”

When Mr Dhaiwil returned to the cash machine he found no trace of the device.

A spokesman for Barclay’s said: “We are one of the leading banks in our work to �ensure our machines are �protected from attack.

“Unfortunately fraud is a problem for the whole banking industry and we have recently seen a slightly different type of attack on a number of our ATMs which has affected a small number of customers �locally.” He advised people to be �extra-vigilant, wary of signs of tampering and of �anyone suspicious nearby.

A police spokesman said: “Redbridge Police take very seriously allegations of crime of this nature because of the negative impact it has on the victim.

“It is a despicable crime. Safer Neighbourhood Team officers, as part of their daily patrols, check at the ATMs for any evidence of devices attached. All allegations are investigated by CID officers and there have recently been two arrests in connection with devices fitted to ATMs.”