Redbridge facing worst-ever potholes ‘season’

EXPERTS have warned motorists in Redbridge they are facing the “worst ever pothole season” after the recent cold snap.

The condition of roads will deteriorate “incredibly quickly” which will leave the borough with a hefty repair bill.

Vehicles will also be affected and a sharp increase in reports of axle and suspension-related damage is expected.

Duncan McClure Fisher, of mechanical insurance provider Warranty Direct, which runs road maintenance campaign website, said: “The roads are going to worsen incredibly quickly over the coming months.

“Given the severity and earlier than normal arrival of harsh wintry conditions, everything is pointing towards a miserable period for motorists.”

Earlier this year the council was given �123,900 to spend on pothole repairs after freezing weather in January.

Hundreds of complaints were lodged by residents including one from Phillip Grimmer, 56, of Valentines Road, Ilford, who demanded cash to replace two tyres on his car.

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Mr Grimmer said they had been wrecked after he drove over gaping holes near his home in Park Avenue and Auckland Road.

Cllr Richard Hoskins said: “The outlook for residents is dire and I am sure I will soon be receiving a barrage of complaints.

“Potholes cause much frustration and whole roads can collapse if they are not dealt with quickly.

“We need funding to cope with this situation but I am not sure if it is available due to cuts to the highways budget.”

Potholes are caused by water or snow filling existing cracks in road surfaces and freezing.

The expansion this causes breaks open the road, which is revealed when the ice melts.

Repeated freeze-thaw cycles cause maximum damage.

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