Candidates urged to apply to become elected child friendly ambassadors

The Gazette will be holding a hustings at St Mary's Church. Picture: ANTHONY DEVLIN/PA ARCHIVE

Redbridge Youth Council is organising for child friendly Redbridge ambassadors - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

Currently at Redbridge Youth Council, we are busy with the child friendly Redbridge ambassador elections.

It takes place in every secondary school in Redbridge and from each school, there will be two representative ambassadors chosen.

The actual role itself involves being the representative of young people in your school and representing their views on the main topics of focus, which includes safety, security, and climate change.

Ambassadors will work on making positive changes for young people in each of these areas.

Faizen Ahmed RYP

Faizan wants young people to get involved in local issues - Credit: Redbridge Youth Council

We work directly with Unicef representatives, the police, NHS and other organisations on making Redbridge more accessible in all aspects for young people.

To register as a candidate for a child friendly Redbridge ambassador, you can fill out an online application form at

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Any student in Year 8 to 12 can apply to be a child friendly ambassador candidate for their school.

Afterwards, there will be an online ballot shortlist for students in your school to vote from. The two young people who receive the most votes will become the ambassadors for their school.

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If you do not become one of those, then you are still welcome to come join us at Redbridge Youth Council every Monday.

I would really encourage you to apply as a real difference can be made to how young people live, travel and are educated in Redbridge.

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