Redbridge celebrates India Republic Day

Celebrations of Indian Independence at Masala Restuarant in Ilford.

Celebrations of Indian Independence at Masala Restuarant in Ilford. - Credit: Archant

India’s 65th Republic Day was celebrated last week with speeches, jokes and national songs.

People gathered at Masala Restaurant in Ilford to mark the anniversary of the day India gained its own constitution and started along the path to becoming the world’s biggest democracy.

Chairman of the Redbridge Indian Welfare Association, Kharaiti Sharna, organised the event which was held on January 29.

He said: “It was a very happy occasion.

“It was to remember the day we adopted the constitution whereas before we had been ruled by the British.

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“Everybody in the country legally gained the right to live their life and have full freedom and liberty.”

Mr Sharna delivered a speech in celebration but also sought to address India’s current issues.

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He said: “I discussed today’s problems with the country. We have over-population and corruption. We have to get rid of these things.”

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